My ultimate Microsoft AZ-900 Cheat-Sheet

Are you preparing for the AZ-900 Exam and are you looking for a comprehensive cheat-sheet? Don't look further! You can have mine. For free!

My ultimate Microsoft AZ-900 Cheat-Sheet

Certifications. A very interesting topic in the technology world. Rumors say, only incompetent people are getting certified. Well, I've seen many incompetent certified people, but I think, it is absolutely necessary to get valid certifications. For me, there are three reasons.

One: Show, that you are interested in your area. The best way to showcase this, is by getting yourself certified.

Two: Demonstrate, that you have the ability to pass an exam and that you take the extra-effort to actually pass the exam

Three: Bundle certificates of different areas to come up with your own very unique set of certifications.

Nevertheless, I would like to talk about the AZ-900 exam, Microsoft's Azure Fundamentals certifications. In my world, cloud is everywhere. However, in my company, there are some flavors of cloud, which could be misleading. For example: Our infrastructure-team always complains about demand. They simply cannot come up with new servers or resources to satisfy the demand. Yes, I understand, sometimes, it is crucial to have specialty-VMs, which needs to be set up manually. However, many times, a simple VM plus database can do the job. So, to solve the problem with demand, my take is to leverage a cloud service provider to get over it.

For this, I decided to take the Azure Fundamentals class, for which I signed up online. It was a three-day class introducing the very basics of Microsoft Azure and the cloud basics. It was fun participating in the online class and answering the test questions. Then, after the three days, I received and email with a voucher to take the AZ-900 exam for free (usually, it costs $99/99€). That is why I started the actual fundamentals learning path on Microsoft Learning.

I plowed through all the modules, which took about a week or so. I started to note down all the things, which I thought are relevant and good to know. Finally, I created my Excel-Spreadsheet.

Also, I took the ACloud.Guru class on Azure Fundamentals and repeated all the knowledge areas like the difference between IaaS, PaaS and SaaS and the numerous services, Microsoft is offering. I took several test-exams on and noted down all the information into my cheat-sheet.

So, here it is: My AZ-900 Cheat-Sheet:


Please note, this is only a learning guide, which should help you to conquer the knowledge areas for the actual exam. It helped me a lot to pass the exam on the first try, but there is no guarantee...

Feel free to download the sheet and use it for your own studies and if you like it, feel free to donate:

For further information, please visit Microsoft's Learning platform and have a look through the official certifications poster, which got updated Feb 2021: